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Standby generators or backup generators are an absolute necessity for residential homes, commercial properties and industrial properties to deal with power outages. With our lives centered on electricity, power outages can prove to be paralyzing no matter how small the duration might be. Whether it is hot or cold, housing properties need a continuous supply of electricity as do commercial properties. Backup generators provide this much needed power supply when the main power supply goes out.

Backup generators are easy to use and can automatically function at the time of a power outage. However, you will need to follow standard procedures and exercise caution during their installation and subsequent use and maintenance, which is where Popkin & Son Electric steps in. It need not be told that you will require the services of a professional electrician for any work that needs to be done on a backup generator. We can provide the services required for the maintenance and operation of a backup generator.

As a professional generator installation service provider, Popkin & Son Electric can help you install, operate and maintain backup generators. When you hire us, we help you right from the start, choosing the generator for your housing or business needs. Depending on your needs, the type of generator that you will need will differ. As air conditioners and refrigerators require more power to run you will need to choose a generator that can supply enough power if you wish to operate these appliances during a power outage.

When installing a backup generator, it is important that standard procedures are followed. After the generator has been unpacked, it has to be inspected for damages that may have occurred during transport. The generator has to be installed close to the transfer switch and fuel supply and must be placed on a level non combustible surface where it cannot come in contact with water. The generators are to be placed in a protective shed outdoors where it can receive a constant supply of air for ventilation and cooling. The certified technicians at Popkin & Son Electric have a thorough knowledge of the standard operating procedure and always comply with the guidelines as mandated by the National Fire Protection Association.
A generator can make life easier but have to be handled carefully. The exhaust fumes given out by the generators are hazardous to your health. Therefore, exhaust systems have to be installed in the proper manner to provide adequate ventilation to dissolve the gases. Our electricians are generator installation experts who can install exhaust systems in the required methods as mandated by the law. As a responsible generator installation service, our priority is your safety. Our standard procedures for generator installation adhere to safety guidelines at all times. Our technicians are alert and can point out any potential hazards for flaws in the system that can help in averting accidents.

Our generator installation solutions are cost effective and we remain with your every step of the way from choosing the right generator set for you to its maintenance and operations. Contact us or leave a message for more information about our services and we will get back to you promptly.

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